A Humble Beginning

This site is still under design and development. A bit unconventional, I wanted to do a "live development", which is why the site looks the way it does. I have a testing subdomain that I use for the messy stuff and for experimentation, which you are free to browse through, just keep in mind that it is a playground, so expect things to be broken or funny looking.

Live Development

So why expose an unfinished website? I want to show the thought and work process as it happens in the hopes that it will evoke thought and questions. I am coding from scratch with a vague idea of content and design in mind. The idea is to adhere to current best practices while learning new skills along the way.

This site is evolving in realtime and I'm happy to discuss the thought process, potential ideas and reasoning with anybody who is curious enough to reach out. Visit the contact page if you would like to ask questions or offer suggestions.

Site Status

Stage One

The first stage was to decide on a basic concept and purpose. I decided on four categories/pages: about, contact, sites & social which would cover the basics of who I am, how to contact me, other projects and how to find me on the web. This should be enough to sate the curious while being a sort of launchpad for those that want to dig deeper.

Stage Two

The second stage was to be mindful of a basic template for semantic markup. I wanted a good foundation to start with that would allow me to easily refine and allow flexibility for the design stage. I decided to start with HTML5 Boilerplate, then inserted the appropriate sections for header, footer, nav and body. This was saved as a basic template and some basic CSS was put in place to give it a basic, 2-column look. I then grabbed a few paragraphs of filler from Hipster Ipsum for a whimsical change from the usual Lorem Ipsum and used the filler to set out the index pages for the 4 sections in the nav.

Stage Three

The current stage is replacing the filler with basic content. Something relevant to the actual purpose of the site is better than a pseudo-random string of words. I'm not concerned about content optimization or SEO strategy right now, but I do want to make sure my domain has actual ocntent about me rather than a bunch of hipster keywords. Content and SEO will be addressed in a future stage.

What's Next

After I have each page fleshed out with some actual content, I will work on a better design. I rather like the minimal black and white look. Perhaps a little color or texture to break up the monotony and be a little more visually appealing. I'm not sure if I'll keep the small header and nav in the left column or go with something more traditional across the top. The header will get a simple logo and the body content will get some styling to make the text more appealing to read.

After things look more like a real website, I'll concentrate on fleshing out the content into something that will be a candidate for final copy. Then work on final design and done. I don't have a deadline, so it may take a while to get to the final product, growing in short frenzies only to slow down while other projects take up my time.

All the while, you will be able to see its evolution from random thought to finished product!